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Work Experience


Unfortunately, I’m unable to share details publicly about much of the work I completed while on internship. If you have questions about my experiences at IDEO, SYPartners, Intrepid Pursuits, or anywhere else, take a look at my resume or feel free to reach out!




This past summer, I interned at the IDEO Chicago Studio. It was an amazing experience contributing to all aspects of the design process, from research and synthesis to concept development and implementation. Working on digital product and service experiences for clients in the automotive and financial industry, I helped design and conduct field research, identified insights and opportunity areas, ran brainstorming sessions, created countless iterations of digital prototypes, and much more. But most importantly, I was able to learn a tremendous amount from the talented designers, researchers, writers, engineers, and everyone else I worked with.


In the summer of 2017, prior to starting my Master’s degree, I interned at the SYPartners New York office on their Products team. I worked on a wide variety of projects, from redesigning the Leadfully website (recently taken down), to designing new features in the Leadfully platform, to designing infographics for Unstuck content, and more.

Intrepid Pursuits

In Spring of 2017, I participated in Intrepid’s apprenticeship program. I not only spent time working on a capstone project for which I designed an app from start to finish in tandem with a designer and engineers, but I also worked on the Bose Connect app designing experiences that got shipped on a regular basis.