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Zach Bachiri is an interaction designer on a mission to create social change through design and technology.



Intrepid Pursuits

Team Members

James Park


Sketch, Zeplin, Principle


At Intrepid Pursuits, I worked on an internal capstone project as a mobile app designer. With one other designer, we designed an app that allows for the administration of contests. Users can create a contest with specific scoring parameters, then invite contestants who can submit entries and judges who score the entries. Working from an initial set of user stories, we designed wireframes and high fidelity mockups to be passed on to developers. Throughout the entire process we received and made changes based on feedback from an internal client.


Flow & Wireframes

With Judgy, there were 3 main user types to focus on: contest admins, judges, and contestants. This flow demonstrates course of a contest and the actions taken by each user type at any point in time.


Our goal was to create an experience that felt natural for all three user types. We began wireframing by laying out the general flow for each user type and creating patterns and components to be used across the main flows. We then dove deeper into the interactions around the various functionality for each flow. Through many iterations, we created an overflow that felt natural and began to consider visual style and more detailed interaction.



examples of various iterations


Look & Feel

After finalizing functionality and interaction in the wireframes, we presented 3 visual design directions to the client. Collectively, we decided upon the direction that was most restrained. By using a fairly minimal visual style, the content becomes the most important part of the app. This helps ensure the design will be sustainable across all types of contests and content.


Contest Submission




Settings & Results


I created an Invision prototype to demonstrate the main contest admin and contestant flows. During our project, we used Zeplin as our foremost method of developer handoff, while also working closely with developers to answers any questions they had about interactions, visuals, and functionality.



Once the look and feel was defined on iOS, we began designing Android screens simultaneously with the iOS screens. We kept the design in the same vein of the iOS app, but incorporated standard Android patterns to ensure it felt natural to Android users.



I also created a logo for the app, incorporating the Judgy "ribbon" into the type.